Hello, I’m Kylene! Thanks for dropping by my online space! Here’s a little bit about me: I was born in Hong Kong, but spent my childhood and teenage years growing up in Singapore. I re-encountered Hong Kong in 2010, when I spent six months for an internship that was part of my study programme at the time. Hong Kong’s energy and vibrancy captured me and I wanted more than anything to return.

I completed my internship, then went back to Singapore and completed my studies. In the summer of 2011, I moved to Hong Kong to pursue my university studies at my dream school, HKU, where I majored in Comparative Literature and minored in Sociology. :) At the moment, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Media and Culture studies.

These days, home to me is both Hong Kong and Singapore, which despite the comparisons, are two great cities that are as different as can be. I’m unable to identify myself as a truly local Singaporean or Hong Konger, so I claim no expertise on either city. I do, however, have a lot of love for both my home cities and I love sharing my adventures on this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring with me!

City Girl, City Stories

City Girl, City Stories is a Hong Kong and Singapore lifestyle blog, meant to share happy and awesome things worth sharing about, but also a space for me to document my journey in these cities as I continue to explore them!

This blog is about exploring the cities I live in (or travel to when I get the chance), appreciating it with eyes wide open and always being curious enough to discover something new.

For bits and pieces of life from Hong Kong, I am on InstagramFacebook and Tumblr!

To get in touch, please write to me at kylene@citygirlcitystories.com


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