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Do you make new year’s resolutions? I personally find them a great idea, but also something easily forgotten, lost in the day-to-day as we go about doing everything else. Two goals I wanted to do more of this year was to read more (something I find extremely important but regretfully do not do enough of) and actually actively do some exercise.

So when Dee, the founder of Dee Dances, invited me to visit and try her Zumba classes, I thought it would be a good idea to inspire me to kick off my exercising goals. (If you, like me at first, don’t know what Zumba is, it’s a fun and energetic dance fitness program combining dance and aerobics.)

City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances

I used to attend step aerobics classes in Singapore and really enjoyed them, but if there’s one thing I absolutely cannot do, it’s dance. (And math.) But I was still curious about Zumba and I also appreciated Dee’s sharing with me about her aim to provide affordable and fun fitness classes (more on that and pricing info below). So I decided to check it out and wanted to share!

Note: Photos in this post are courtesy of Dee Dances, unless otherwise stated.

Let me start with the classes. Last month, I dropped by to visit one of Dee’s regular Zumba class and then attended a beginner Zumba class myself, because it was my first time! I’ll be honest and say I think I made a fool of myself hahaha but I did try my best and really did enjoy the class. ;)

City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances
Photo: CGCS

If you have an interest in trying Zumba or already have some dance background, then I definitely recommend checking out Dee’s classes. Her regular class is a good workout, a full one hour of dancing to fun and upbeat music. Plus, Dee is such a lively and energetic instructor, chatting and joking with her students and also teaching and dancing along with them throughout the full length of the class!

City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances

The difference between a regular and beginner class is mainly the speed and intensity of the workout. Both classes covers a variety of choreography that is included in Zumba like hip-hop and merengue, salsa, etc. The beginner class, which I attended, includes detailed step-by-step instructions from Dee, so it’s slower and easier to follow, allowing us to practise the steps before working out with the music. The regular class launches into the workout after brief instructions, just like a typical fitness/dance class. (Please note that majority of classes offered at the moment are for regular Zumba classes, but you can check the full schedule here.)

Dee Dances offers classes daily in different locations in Hong Kong Island for now, and sometimes in Kowloon. All classes are held in government sports centres (to keep costs affordable), taught in English and attended by women, factors important to me and maybe you too!

City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances
Snapshot of a class at the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre (Photo: CGCS)

Finally, let’s talk prices. To be honest, many fitness classes (especially those taught in English) offered in Hong Kong are just out of my (and I’m sure many others’) budgets. Let’s not even talk about being pressured into signing up for expensive and long memberships. Been there, done that. So I’m happy to share about Dee Dances prices, along with discounted prices for students and domestic helpers.

Price per class: HK$120 (Standard), HK$60 (Students), HK$30 (Domestic helpers)
Prepaid for 5 Classes: HK$500 (Standard)
Prepaid for 1 month unlimited classes: HK$800 (Standard), HK$500 (Students), HK$250 (Domestic helpers)

City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances

I found the pricing affordable and flexible and like the freedom to attend classes depending on my personal schedule. If you’re interested, you can simply choose and book a class through the Dee Dances website here. So here we go, I hope this post was a useful recommendation for those of us living in Hong Kong looking for an affordable fitness option. Here’s to a more active 2017! :)

Note: I was invited by Dee Dances to visit a regular Zumba class and to attend a beginner Zumba class. This is not a paid post. Thank you for having me, Dee!

Dee Dances


City Girl City Stories: Dee Dances


  • Reply Nit's Lacson August 24, 2017 at 11:50 AM

    We’re so much happy you had in connection with Ms. Dee, proving that Dee Dances Hong Kong cannot stop in progressing😆☺Good luck!
    Can’t wait to attend your Cha Cha class😘😘😘see you Ms. Kylene.

    • Reply Kylene Wu September 9, 2017 at 11:01 PM

      Thanks for your sweet comment! :) I’m very glad to have met Dee and to share about Dee Dances Hong Kong too, it’s such a fun workout class to attend! Have fun in the cha cha class. ;)

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