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Hello there, is it a warm or cold December where you are? :) We’re having a mild winter here in Hong Kong and I’m going between seasons this month because I’m spending Christmas in Singapore this year! I have quite a few things planned for vacation time in Singapore, so I can’t wait! :)

Speaking of Singapore, this summer when I was there, I was surrounded by the hype and constant sight of so many people carrying a bright yellow bag of something. I honestly had no clue and eventually found out that the obsession was on something called BAKE cheese tarts from Japan. After some googling, I also found out that BAKE cheese tarts arrived in Hong Kong in late 2015, and I can’t believe I only found out about it this year. But hey, better late than never!

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

The queues were way too long in Singapore, and I don’t have that kind of patience to queue hours for dessert, so I decided to come back to Hong Kong and get myself a bag of these little mouthfuls of bliss. My verdict? I get it. I get the hype, I get the craze. I love it.

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

BAKE Cheese Tart is from Hokkaido, Japan but now have opened branches across Asia, so if you happen to be in Hong Kong (or Japan/Singapore/Taiwan/China/South Korea LOL), do pick up one (or three) and try them! Apparently, Hong Kong was their first store launched overseas and it took me that long to find out about it, tsk tsk.

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

The cheese mousse, which is made with three types of cheese, is creamy, smooth and so good! It has a lovely taste and smell of cheese, but it definitely leans towards the sweeter side, as it is a dessert after all. The crust is quite thick and not flaky, which some people may not be a fan of, but personally, that’s how I like tart crusts. Overall, it’s not a overly sweet dessert and because of its small size, it’s quite a light one. Perfect for eating two all by yourself hahahaha! ;)

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

After the initial hype subsided since its launch, queuing time in Hong Kong no longer takes more than an hour now, thank goodness! My family or I have popped by a few times during the afternoon and there’s usually a steady stream of customers, but probably due to the time of visit, it took just a few minutes to buy some.

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

As for price, each cheese tart cost HK$20, and if you buy a box of 6, you get a slightly discounted price of HK$110. Here are some snapshots of my own yellow box of goodness hehe!

City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK
City Girl City Stories: BAKE Cheese Tart HK

Are you a fan of cheese tarts? I was a little late to the game, but after trying these ones from BAKE, I’m officially a fan! :)

BAKE Cheese Tart
B2-16, SOGO, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay station – Exit D)

Sunday – Thursday: 10:30am – 10pm
Friday, Saturday & Days before holidays: 10:30am – 10:30pm


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