Hong Kong Egg Waffle

Hello there! In this post, I’m very excited to share about one of my most favourite things in Hong Kong: the egg waffle, aka 鷄蛋仔. So it seems like there has been a surge in popularity of this humble Hong Kong street snack both within and outside of Hong Kong recently and it’s definitely receiving quite a bit of Instagram love these days.

It’s funny because egg waffles have actually been around for quite some time, originating from Hong Kong likely in the 1950s. My dad (who introduced egg waffles to me) has been eating them since his childhood and I’m so glad that unlike other snacks that have faded in popularity, this one has remained!

A few years ago, I introduced them to some family friends, who gave me a dubious look and didn’t want to try them, until I insisted it was delicious and they gave it a go. Before I moved to Hong Kong, I knew there were a couple of stores selling egg waffles in Singapore and Malaysia. These days, they are all over Instagram and location tagged in America, Taiwan, South Korea, China and Australia.

Eggette_in_Hong_Kong (Photo by Thomas Lu)

(Photo by Thomas.Lu, CC BY 3.0)

I would like to point out that the current trendy version you might have seen all over Instagram with soft serve, syrup and a mix of toppings is an updated and dessert like version of the original egg waffle. Just FYI, in Hong Kong and Singapore where I’ve seen this version, it costs about 2 to 4 times the original. For reference, the street side version usually costs around HK$10-15 for a plain waffle (or around HK$18-30 for flavoured ones) while the dessert version usually costs around HK$45-60+.

Now, I don’t judge. We all love what we love. ;) Between the original egg waffle and the trendy egg waffle, I think it’s all down to personal preference and budget! But for me, I’m fully on team original. Read on below where I share my personal favourite store!

City Girl City Stories: HK Egg Waffle

So a good egg waffle should be warm and best when it’s made right after you order it. It should be crispy on the outer shell and soft and chewy on the inside, usually served in a paper bag. It tastes slightly sweet, with an eggy waffle taste.

I have eaten egg waffles from countless stores around Hong Kong, but to pick a favourite is quite subjective. Hong Kong friends of mine have shared their personal favourites with me, some I’ve tried, some I haven’t, but this street snack store called Mouth Full (一口齊) is my favourite. The egg waffle only comes in the original flavour (these days, different stores in Hong Kong are coming up with green tea, chocolate, sweet potato and even red velvet versions!) at HK$14 and it’s always freshly made. :)

City Girl City Stories: HK Egg Waffle

Mouth Full 一口齊
Shop 3, G/F, 414 Queen’s Road West, Western District
HKU MTR Station, Exit B1

It’s a short 5 minute walk down from the University of Hong Kong and it’s a great snack to enjoy if you happen to be in the area! P.S. The cheong fun 肠粉 (rice noodle rolls) are yummy too!

City Girl City Stories: HK Egg Waffle

Of course, if you’re visiting Hong Kong, you may not be heading over to the Western District, so I have my second favourite egg waffle place to share, since they have branches located in several popular districts in Hong Kong.

City Girl City Stories: HK Egg Waffle

Mammy Pancake (媽咪雞蛋仔) is very popular and quite a mainstream pick but along with many other fans, I love this place too! They are especially popular for their flavoured egg waffles (they have so many I can’t remember them all, but you can do an Instagram search to check it out) and I do know their chocolate one is very popular and very good! An original waffle costs HK$15 and a chocolate waffle costs HK$18.

Matcha chocolate and Mocha 雞蛋仔 #alisonsjourneyintoobesity

A photo posted by ALY (@_alisonlui) on

Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔
Shop 17, G/F, Leishun Court, 1-5 Haven Street, Causeway Bay
G/F, Carnarvon Mansion, 8-12 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Shop G23, G/F, Young City Zone, 1 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok
Shop K1B, G/F, 36 Man Tai Street, Hung Hom
Shop 277-278, 2/F, Wo Che Plaza, 3 Tak Hau Street, Sha Tin

Before I end this post, I must share this adorable biscuit version of the egg waffle, which I found out about recently! It’s 鷄蛋餅仔! How CUTE is that? :) They are packaged biscuits that look like miniature egg waffles and I suppose tastes like them too? I haven’t tried them myself but I did check them out in store, they are available at 零食物語 OkashiLand stores in Hong Kong at HK$69.

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post and the different options of egg waffles, as I’ve been meaning to share more about this Hong Kong snack! :) Happy eating!

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    Hi Kylene! I discovered your blog a month ago, while searching for nice Asian lifestyle bloggers. I think I finished back reading all your posts. Haha I enjoyed everything you posted here. I love your easy writing style and the refreshing look of the photos. Please blog more :)

    I’ve been to HK twice and planning to have another trip again. I also went to SG a few years ago. Good luck on your endeavors. Hoping to become friends with you albeit online… and even though I’m a little older than you. Haha

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      Hi Diane! Thank you for your lovely comment, it means so much to me and I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the posts I’ve shared. :) Haha yes, I’m definitely working on trying to blog more regularly! ;)

      Thanks for the kind wishes and may I wish you the same. Glad to hear you enjoy visiting HK, here’s to another great trip soon!

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