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Hello there! :) Last year, I shared about Hong Kong’s own Hello Kitty cafe, Hello Kitty Secret Garden in Tai Hang and since then, I’ve popped by its smaller sister branch Hello Kitty Le Petit Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui. I love Starbucks of course, but if I had my way, every coffee cup I hold in my hand would have Kitty’s face on it. How awesome is that? ;)

*Update: This cafe has closed. 


I visited Le Petit Cafe last month for some coffee and cakes as a birthday treat from my sister and wanted to share about the experience. First off, the store, as described by its name, is small. There is a mini sitting area in one corner with a length of padded seating, a high table and two high chairs. It’s not the best image, but the photo below is the only picture I have that shows the “seating area”.


If you’re looking for a proper cafe experience, where you want to spend an extended time sitting and catching up (and taking endless pictures of course), I recommend the Hello Kitty Secret Garden over this one. But if you’re in Kowloon, or just want to enjoy a quick dessert or get a cute coffee on the go, then this is perfect!


Now on to the store! This is what you see when you step in, a pink table in the middle with all the flavours of Hello Kitty cookies to sample. This is probably the most affordable thing in the store, each piece costs HK$10. I sampled the rose cookie and I’ll be honest with you, these handmade cookies are cute but they are dry and taste like flavoured butter cookies.


I read several reviews online that said the macarons are just average and more cute than well made so I avoided the macarons and went for the cakes instead! Not to mention that at HK$28 a piece, they are more expensive than macarons from Ladurée Hong Kong, so that’s not happening for me!


The staff told me I get the Hello Kitty Le Petit Cafe plushie if I spend HK$300, which I passed on. I was already spending too much on cakes and coffee anyway, which is to be expected for any Hello Kitty cafe I suppose!


The cakes and coffee were good though! I liked that the cakes are small sized, very cute and also tasted yummy with a selection of flavours and types to choose from. The small size makes you feel like you’re having dessert but not too much of it.


We got a mixed berry mousse cake and a chocolate cream puff (HK$48 each) and a large hazelnut latte (HK$40). I have a snapshot of the drink menu here for reference. Like I said, I liked the cakes and coffee but my one issue was that for the price they were charging, it seemed rather cheap to serve the cakes with paper plates and wooden forks.


This is a larger vanilla mousse cake of Hello Kitty’s head (HK$68) which my family got for my sister’s birthday last year. We all agreed the vanilla cake was too white chocolately sweet and wished we got another flavour instead. This cake was well made and yummy, but it’s also a lot more mousse than cake.


Overall, I think it’s a very pretty store selling very cute and yummy pastries, good coffee and pretty gift packages. :) The prices are expensive, as expected from a Hello Kitty cafe, but I did think that since there was going to be small seating area, the presentation of the desserts could have been better.


I see myself popping by for the occasional coffee when I’m in the area maybe, but I think for the full Kitty experience, I’d head back to their larger sister branch Hello Kitty Secret Garden instead.

Hello Kitty Le Petit Cafe (Closed)
2A Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

(Tsim Sha Tsui station – Exit A2)

Daily: 12 noon – 9pm

Hello Kitty Le Petit Cafe: Facebook | Instagram


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