deTour 2015 at PMQ

Late last year, I was invited to attend a media tour for the deTour 2015 event at PMQ! I remember that at the time, I was in the middle of a long month with busy days at work and deadlines for classes, but I was really glad I decided to take a day off on a weekend to discover deTour.


It was my first time visiting deTour, which is an annual (free!) creative festival event held at the end of every year. It showcases a variety of design, art and a mix of creative works that was very interesting to discover! :)

DSCN6627 (1)
This was a huge “hamster wheel” called Cotton Run for visitors to run on and the harder you run, the more cotton candy you generate! It was really funny to see most people running just enough to get a small fluff of candy haha!

Check out some of my favourites from the event below!

The LEGO Builder by Andy Hung
DSCN6604 (1)
DSCN6605 (1)

These lego structures were so adorable and extremely detailed! You can zoom in to see the little human figurines and life depicted with lego pieces!

DSCN6608 (1)
DSCN6610 (1)
IMG_2088 (1)

Screen Printing

Something I got to try as part of the tour was screen printing! It was my first time trying it and we got to pick our own colour and the design we wanted and then screen print it on the spot on to a tote bag!

DSCN6574 (1)

After deciding on the design for the bag, the staff would spread some paint on the mesh screen and hand us a wooden block with a metal end to spread the paint over the design.

DSCN6580 (1)

It takes a couple of minutes and done! We get a freshly screen printed tote bag with “Connection” – the theme of the festival – printed on it. Pretty cool. :)

DSCN6587 (1)
DSCN6588 (1)

The Poverty Line by Stefen Chow and Hui-Yi Lin

The Poverty Line is a thought provoking photography project that really made me pause and consider the message that the creators were conveying. Their Facebook page reads: “The Poverty Line explores a simple question: what does poverty mean in different countries?”

DSCN6593 (1)

Each photograph shows the amount of food a person living at the poverty line of their country can afford in one day. Each photograph shows food items laid out on a newspaper page from different countries. It was especially reflective to take a look at the photographs captured for Hong Kong and Singapore.

IMG_2078 (1)

You can learn more about the project here: websiteFacebook page.

DSCN6591 (1)

Landscape of Cloud by Keith Lam

I will end here with this fun creation, which symbolise dreams and imagination. The artist wanted to allow audiences to interact with it by “feeding colours” to the cloud.

It’s a circle of projectors connected to the fluffs of clouds, and when you place an object on a projector, the connected cloud would turn the colour of your object. My gold iPhone produced a faintly yellowish cloud, although I wished I had something pink with me that day. ;)


I realize this post is overdue for this event (but no worries, this is an annual festival) but I still hope that it introduced you to some creative talents and their work! :) Do take the chance to check out deTour when it comes up later in the year if you can, it really is a refreshing and different kind of weekend experience!

deTour WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Thank you for the invitation, deTour!

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