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I am so excited to be sharing this post on my blog! I first heard about the Light Rose Garden (an exhibition of 25,000 LED roses on display) from South Korea last year from a Seoul based blogger who shared about it. It looked so amazing in pictures, I knew it had to look even better in real life.


But I gave up on the idea of ever getting a chance to see it because it was a temporary exhibition and I didn’t have plans to go travelling to Seoul (although I am promising myself to make a trip happen!). So can you imagine my excitement when I heard that the Light Rose Garden was going on tour and its first stop was Hong Kong?

DSCN8950 (1)

It showed for two weekends here in Hong Kong, for Valentine’s Day and for the Chinese Lantern Festival (final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations or also known unofficially as the Chinese Valentine’s Day) and while I thought the day view in Hong Kong wasn’t particularly impressive, the night view was incredible!


The day view was pretty enough, but as you can see from the photo below, I think daylight highlighted the insane crowds, which distracted too much from the flowers.

DSCN8938 (1)

At night though, with the backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and the view of Victoria Harbour, the thousands of roses glowed and it was really quite an experience to see a part of the city lighted up like this. My only wish was for the exhibition to stay longer.


If you’re wondering where the location is, these pictures were taken in the Central and Western District Promenade, where it was displayed during the first round. For the second weekend, it was moved slightly further to Tamar Park. It was my first time visiting this stretch of promenade! I never knew about this space previously but was very happy to discover it! (If you’re interested in visiting, take the MTR to Admiralty station, take Exit A and follow the signs to Tamar Park.)

DSCN8936 (1)

I’m really happy to have gotten a chance to see this lovely exhibition and I’m glad to hear that the people behind it are bringing it to different locations outside of Korea, because such beautiful things should be shared! :)

Light Rose Garden HK website



  • Reply Jadena December 10, 2016 at 6:32 PM

    Hi Kylene, Love from Indonesia! I was browsing to find out about Hong Kong and I found your blog, it’s really informative and now I can add few destination for my trip to HK. Thank you so much :)

    Can u suggest about out fit that could fit HK weather on March? I dont have any idea, what outfit should i wear hehe Thank you in advance <3

    • Reply Kylene Wu December 11, 2016 at 11:53 PM

      Hello Jadena, thank you for the love! I’m so happy to hear that! :) Do keep me updated, I’d love to hear about your visit to HK!

      Sure thing, March would be spring time in HK, but it’s still quite cold, especially at night! I would suggest wearing long sleeved tops/sweaters/light knitwear, usually with a jacket or a light coat. On colder nights, I layer with an extra t-shirt or tank top underneath. For bottoms, pants/jeans are great, or if you prefer dresses and skirts like me, I always wear them with tights/leggings.

      I hope that helps, have a wonderful trip to HK next year! :)

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