Christmas in Hong Kong

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I do realize it’s closer to the new year (!) than Christmas by now but I wanted to share some snapshots of my favourite time of the year anyway! This is my second Christmas spent in Hong Kong (check out my first Christmas spent here last year) and I consider myself quite lucky as I got a couple days of vacation time from work!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas too and here’s a quick glimpse into Christmas in Hong Kong for 2015. :)

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There’s a The Little Prince exhibition going on at Pacific Place shopping mall in Admiralty and if you’re a fan, there’s a couple of days left! (Details here)

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I really enjoyed seeing the sculptures recreated from illustrations in the book! There is also a separate glow-in-the-dark exhibition featuring the sculptures again, which was small and packed (so typical of Hong Kong), but I found it quite interesting anyway!

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The usual busy roads in Central closed for the holiday! I liked seeing people just streaming freely across the usual car filled road.

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I loved that this year’s Harbour City Christmas decorations were done by Hong Kong Disneyland! :) Always a favourite. By the way, is anyone else as excited as I am for the live action Beauty and the Beast movie? I know it’s still some time away but I’m patiently waiting!

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