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Hello! It’s been a while, I just came back to Hong Kong from Singapore, after spending a wonderful month in my hometown. :) Due to my longer stay, I had more time to do a little more exploring around Singapore, which seems to have built (and rebuilt) even more new buildings and malls around the city. I visited my Singapore alma mater for the first time since graduating a couple of years ago and I can barely recognize it, it’s incredible!

Since returning to Hong Kong last week, the difference in the two cities has been very contrasting and it’s taking me longer than I expected to get used to Hong Kong’s noise and bustle again. But I feel great, and very refreshed after my vacation! I got some shopping done (love you Great Singapore Sale!), stuffed myself with kaya toasts, had a couple of wisdom teeth surgeries dealt with too (so happy to get that over with!) and got many inches of hair snipped off, which I’m surprisingly loving a lot, especially returning to Hong Kong’s summertime. :)

For now, I have a few things from Singapore that I’d love to share so I’ll start with this one. My sister discovered The Little Prince Creamery, a cafe dedicated to the book The Little Prince last year, and since both of us are huge readers and fans of books, we had to visit this cafe!

*Update: This cafe has closed.

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We visited The Little Prince Creamery in the afternoon and maybe we were lucky that day because we got the whole place to ourselves! The cafe got fully packed in the evening though, so pop by in the day if you prefer a quiet place to while away your afternoons. :)

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As mentioned earlier, this cafe is dedicated to the well known book. Side note: I have read the book previously, and while I still can’t decide whether I like it or not, I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of the book. However, as a book lover, I couldn’t possibly not visit a cafe with such a strong tie to books. :)

The cafe is white and simple, and filled with drawings and sketches from The Little Prince. It’s very quirky and I really like the concept.

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In addition to the drawings around the cafe, I loved that there are books placed along the corners of the window seats. On one side, you see multiple copies of The Little Prince in various languages. On the other end, there are books about cafes!

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Moving on to the food! The cafe serves coffee and tea, gelato, sweet and savoury waffles and sandwiches. It’s definitely more of a tea time or dessert eatery and judging from the fact that everyone who came in ordered waffles with gelato, I’m guessing that is what they’re known for! :)

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The Little Prince Creamery menu

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I ordered a waffle with a scoop of cookies & cream gelato and a scoop of Famous Amos gelato (S$10.40) and a cup of hot chocolate (S$4).
(Note about price: My waffle cost S$10.40 as I ordered a waffle with one classic flavour gelato – cookies & cream and one premium flavour gelato – Famous Amos. Therefore, I was charged the price of a waffle with one premium scoop at S$7.40 plus the price of one classic scoop at S$3.)

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Singapore has so many cafes, which I think is great, but sometimes many of them are rather similar, so I’d definitely recommend a visit to this whimsical little one. I appreciate the details in putting this cafe together, from the drawings to the books to the quotes and even to this door sign!

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The Little Prince Creamery (Closed)
Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Block 47 #01-134

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 1pm – 11pm
Closed on Tuesday

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