Hong Kong Observation Wheel Review

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When I heard that Hong Kong was going to have its own ferris wheel, I was so excited! I love ferris wheels, almost as much as I love going up high places to see the view of a city (like The Peak or the Singapore Sands Skypark – check out my post here!).

Unfortunately, after checking out the HKOW earlier this year in winter, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I may have chosen a bad day and time, which affected my experience, but overall, I felt that my visit to the wheel wasn’t worth the price and time.

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I visited the HKOW on a winter day in February and arrived at about 5, and after joining the queue to buy tickets and waiting to board the cabin, I think it was around 6 when I got a seat. Thinking back, I felt I should have arrived earlier, especially during winter’s shorter daylight hours. Now that it’s summer, the view should probably be better than what I saw?

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My main issue with the HKOW is the view! It’s extremely limiting and offers such a small glimpse of Hong Kong’s impressive skyline and cityscape. You’ll see what I mean from these snapshots I took from inside the cabin.

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Hong Kong Island

DSCN2128 (1)Kowloon

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Disappointing view

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The wheel makes four turns and it took about 20 minutes total, which is more than enough time to take pictures and take in the view. An adult ticket cost HK$100, which I thought was pricy for the experience. (Full list of prices here)

One more thing to take note is that I noticed that about 6-8 people share one cabin, which is to be expected with Hong Kong’s crowds. However, each cabin isn’t very large in size, so for reference, the photo below shows the distance between me and the people on the opposite side. (There is also an option of paying more for a private cabin.)


Overall, it was just an average experience for me. While I wouldn’t say no to checking it out, it’s definitely not the first thing I’m going to recommend to friends visiting Hong Kong. I mean, at HK$100, it’s quite expensive even for a tourist spot.

I feel that for an experience to take in views of Hong Kong, a trip up to The Peak is much more worth it. (For comparison, a visit to The Peak Tram and the Sky Terrace is HK$83.)

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Hong Kong Observation Wheel

33 Man Kwong Street, Central
(Next to Central Ferry Pier 9 and 10)
(Central station – Exit A or Hong Kong station – Exit A2)

Daily: 10am – 11pm


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