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One of the best things about Hong Kong, to me, is how incredibly efficient and convenient most things are. Sure, it makes for a bit of a rushed way of life sometimes, but more often than not, I think of it more as a pro than a con (like how I have never ran for a train here, because why would I have to when the next one comes in two minutes?).

But I’m not here to talk about the city’s public transport today, I actually wanted to share about Foodpanda, an online food ordering platform that added yet another level of convenience to my Hong Kong city life! Read on for more details!


So Foodpanda contacted me about trying out their service and sharing my experience here and since I am always open to both food and adding more convenience to my life, of course I was interested. :) So let’s start with what exactly Foodpanda is.

Foodpanda is an online food ordering platform plus delivery service (they have an app too!) where you can browse menus of various eateries in Hong Kong, make an order, make payment and then wait for your food to arrive at your door!


Ordering food online and having it delivered is nothing new, but I like the variety of food choices and eatery choices available on Foodpanda! The other main plus point to me is the reasonable minimum cost required for delivery.

I don’t usually order food online directly from eateries, because unless I’m ordering for a large group of people, how am I supposed to order HK$300 worth of food just to have it delivered? But while I was browsing, I noticed that many eateries on Foodpanda will deliver with a minimum of HK$100-HK$150 of food ordered. With my order, the delivery charge was 10% of my total order, which I felt was also reasonable.


So for my order, I decided on pizza from Pizzeria Jacomax to go with a easy casual dinner with my family! Apart from the menu, you can also check for reviews and information of the eatery you’re interested in before placing your order.


I picked a regular Quattro Stagioni and you can spot the prices, delivery fee and time on the right of the image below!


Hi there Quattro Stagioni! ;) Yum~~


Back to the ordering process! Right after you make your decision, you will see the checkout page, like my screenshots below.


I like the option of having my food delivered later, but I didn’t test this option since I ordered about an hour before dinner time.


About a minute after this “Thank You” page, I received both a text and email confirmation of my order. 50 minutes later (even though the delivery time was an hour), my still warm pizza arrived at my door! :)


I personally had a very good experience with Foodpanda and I find the platform easy to use and the service convenient and quick! Sure, buying or looking for food in Hong Kong is hardly a difficult thing, but I think this platform is a good thing to keep in mind for those lazy weekend days or busy work days or the terrible humid days of Hong Kong summers… Surely I’m not the only one who prefers staying indoors during the July/August months? ;)

One last thing, as mentioned above, Foodpanda has an app too, so the good news is, you can do everything I mentioned in this post on the go via your phone too!


My full dinner! It was so good, thank you Foodpanda!



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    This is very helpful! Thanks

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      Happy to hear that Alaine! :)

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