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I am so excited to share about Cats Planet! I visited another cat cafe in Singapore last year, but left hugely disappointed at the environment of the place (no windows, kept chilly, lack of natural light and warmth, and most of the cats lack the activeness that cats have), not to mention feeling sad for the cats who had to call that miserable space home. I ended up on Google looking up cat cafes and chanced upon Cats Planet, which looked a lot better in photographs and from my experience, a lot better overall too! :)

Let me just say that I’m a huge animal lover, but cats are my favourite. I was very lucky to grow up with two, living with Lucky since I was eight and then Spotty came along a little later. Sadly, my cats have both passed on to kitty heaven, and I lost lovely Spotty just two years ago.

With the lack of space in Hong Kong homes, I find cat cafes like Cats Planet very appealing for cat lovers and on a rainy gloomy day, my sister and I spent two hours with the fourteen kitties at Cats Planet! I mean, just look at them, how can you not fall in love? :D


(Cats seen above are (first picture) Cheese and (second picture) Egg Yolk and below, Leo aka “Prince”.)


So out of the fourteen cats, if I had to choose favourites, I really love the Dumpling Brothers (Cabbage Dumpling and Leek Dumpling), “Princess” Leia and Egg Yolk! :) I’ve heard from friends that all cats seem the same to them but I feel that each cat is different with their own personalities and the great thing about the kitties at Cats Planet is that they are so friendly with humans, wandering and running past you as you try to snap a picture. ;)

[A note about the names: most of the cats at Cats Planet have Chinese names and are called by their Chinese names, while some of them have English names. Most of the names mentioned here are just translations of their names which would explain strange sounding pet names like “Leek Dumpling”.]

(Leo and Tiger)

Here are a few pictures of the environment of the cat cafe. There are huge windows, it’s kept very clean and there are no strong smells of cat food or cat litter. Do expect plenty of cat hair everywhere though! It’s not noticeable but when you leave, you’ll probably find hair on the bottom of your socks and on your clothes.


This is Grass, and this was the most I could see of him because he didn’t come down during the entire length of my visit.




A polaroid wall of visitors and their favourite cats!


Here is the lovely and sweet Leia aka “Princess”. She’s pretty and friendly and she’s the crowd favourite of course. When I left, the staff on duty asked me who my favourite cats were, and after I told her, she started looking for a membership card for me, but told me that the Princess Leia ones were all taken, so I went with the Dumpling Brothers. :)

(Older brother Leek Dumpling)

(Younger brother Cabbage Dumpling)

Admission to Cats Planet cost HK$108 per person, this will give you two hours with the kitties and includes two drinks of your choice. The cafe includes some board games, magazines and free wifi too.


(Egg Yolk)

(Melon and me)

(The cats surrounding the staff lady because they thought she was feeding them.)

Something I found very amusing while at Cats Planet was seeing this box that looked out of place but was kept around for the cats because clearly, they love it.


I visited another cat cafe in Hong Kong a few years ago, which makes Cats Planet the third cat cafe I’ve visited and it is by far, the best one of the three I’ve been to.

I’d say that the price is quite expensive because you have to pay the fixed price of HK$108 for two hours minimum (you can pay more to stay longer) but if the result is a happy and clean home of friendly, playful and active kitties, then I think it’s worth it. :)

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(Egg Yolk)


Cats Planet
4/F 渣菲大廈, 6 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay station – Exit D1)

Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 12 midnight
Friday – Sunday: 1pm – 12 midnight

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