Sam & me on the bleachers(Image “Sam & me on the bleachers” by Shandi-lee Cox, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We became friends at 13, an awkward age where everything was new and anyone older than us was way cooler than we were.

We had just left primary school behind, and four subjects turned into eight. Monday to Friday, we got up before the sun rose and our favourite time of the day was at 10am, because it was recess, a brief 30 minutes where we got to eat and laugh with friends and wake up a little.

Do you still remember the days when you were a Girl Guide and I was in the Drama Club? Do you remember the friendly lady who worked at the campus stationery store? Do you remember your favourite store at the canteen? Our favourite teachers, your favourite subjects?

And now here we are, a decade later. How did ten years just go by? Four years of high school together and now we live in different countries. I feel so blessed that despite the distance, we are still friends.

It’s time for our twenties now. From the campus canteen to a café, now we talk about our graduations, our majors, getting our degrees, job hunting. We laugh over the endless questions people ask us regarding our futures, like we have any clue ourselves. We discuss society, updating each other over life in our respective cities.

I realise now, that friendships are ever changing. I sincerely hope that in our thirties, we are still friends. But for now, we sit with our lattes, talking about hopes and dreams of our unknown futures. Believing that our twenties will work out eventually.


我們在十三歲時開始做了朋友; 那是個尷尬的年齡, 每天都是新事物, 年紀較我們大的人都比我們更酷。

我們剛剛離開小學, 升上中學; 四個學科變成八個。星期一至五, 每天太陽升上之前我們就起床, 在曰間,我們最喜歡的時間是十點鍾, 因為這是小息時間, 有短短的三十分鐘給我們吃點食物,和朋友間談談笑; 也可從睡夢中, 多一點清醒起來。

妳還記得妳當女童軍, 而我在話劇組的日子嗎? 妳記得那個在校園文具店裡工作的友善的阿姨嗎? 妳記得妳最喜愛的食堂裡的店舖嗎? 記得我們最喜愛的老師, 妳最喜愛的科目嗎?

而現在, 我們是處於十年之後。這十年是怎樣過的呢? 四年的高中,我們一起的過, 而現在我們卻在不同的國土生活。雖然我們相隔兩地, 但仍然是朋友, 我感到這是一種祝福。

現在我們正芳齡二十幾。由校園食堂改到咖啡店, 現在我們談的是我們的畢業禮, 我們的大學選課, 拿大學學位, 及找工作。別人對我們的前路總會有問不完的問題, 好像我們巳經知道前面的路向; 其實我們都是茫無頭緒, 祇好相對而笑。我們又會討論社會時事, 更新我們在不同城市裡的生活資訊。

現在我察覺到, 友誼是會隨著時間而改變的。我真誠的希望當我們到了三十幾歲時, 我們還依然是朋友。但是現在呢? 我們就一邉讓枱上的拿鐵伴著而坐, 一邊暢談我們對未知前路的希望與夢想。相信我們的二十幾最終還是會做得好起來的。

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