Overheard at Art Basel Hong Kong

artbaselhk2015(Image from Art Basel Facebook)

“No one wants to look at the art, everyone just wants to take pictures.” – Gallery staff

畫廊職員: ‘沒有人想看藝術品, 每個人都祗想拍照。’

“It’s all about … the precision.”



“It was small, and there was a bird, and it was just … BEAUtiful.”

‘這個很小, 那邊還有一隻雀, 這個正就是…美麗。’

“What the f***! This art piece is just f***ing vomit bags!”

‘真是XXX! 這件藝術品就袛是些XXX嘔吐袋!’

“Look, I took a picture of the trash … no I mean the ‘Refuse’ piece.”

‘看, 我剛替這堆垃圾拍了照…其實我是說這件叫「廢物」的藝術品。’


P.S. For an overview of Art Basel Hong Kong 2015, do check out this post on my sister’s art blog, Wording Art!

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