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He was tall and handsome, always with a ready smile. In the midst of his twenties and travelling the world, telling us of his adventures during the brief periods he was back in the city.

He spoke English, Mandarin and even a little German, enough to flirt with anyway. Maybe even a little French, but I don’t remember clearly.

To me, he was nothing more than an older brother figure. But to the girls he smiled at, winked at and laughed with, I could see they all wished he was something more.

As adults usually tend to do, especially in the case of a travelling the world twenty something youth, she asked him once, “What do you plan to do in future? Who do you want to be?”

“Casanova,” he told her with a cheeky laugh.

卡沙諾瓦 (大情人)

他長得高大, 英俊, 常常對人回巳微笑。他, 二十歲出, 正在旅遊世界各地; 在旅遊中的小偈時間中, 回來城市裏, 告訴我們他的遊歷。

他說英語, 中文, 甚至也懂得少少德文, 足夠去打情罵俏了。我也不大記得清楚, 他好像還會說一點法語呢。

對我來說, 我最多都祇是視他為一個大哥哥的形象。但對那些他對她們微笑, 單眼及一同嬉笑的女孩子們來說, 我可以看得出她們都希望跟他再親近些。

成年人很多時都會這樣做, 尤其是當見到一個二十幾歲正在旅遊世界各地的年青人; 她曾經有一次這樣問他 :你將來計畫想做些什麼呢? 想做個怎麼樣的人?

他跳皮的告訴她 : 卡沙諾瓦。

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