Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland


I made one final trip to Hong Kong Disneyland before my Magic Access card expired this month. I think this visit was my fifth one within the year of my membership! Disneyland is my happy place and it’s probably always going to be one of my favourite places. :)

I’ve had friends in Hong Kong who have told me several times that Hong Kong Disneyland is too small but I grew up in Singapore, where there is no Disneyland, so a small Disneyland is better than no Disneyland to me. Besides, I’ve always been a Disney girl.



I grew up watching Disney cartoons and my favourites were obviously the Disney Princess ones! I have watched every single Disney Princess movie ever made (some multiple times) and will continue to watch any new ones Disney releases! If I have daughters in future, I will likely be that mom who will buy those adorable princess costumes for her kid and queue in line to take a photo with the matching Princess character. ;)


Anyway, speaking of Disney Princesses, my favourite princess has always been Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I’ve added Rapunzel from Tangled to my favourites! I know everyone is obsessed with Frozen at the moment (don’t get me wrong, I love Frozen too) but I don’t get why Tangled never got the love that Frozen got. From the story to the songs to the characters to the side animal characters, I loved everything about Tangled slightly more than Frozen, but maybe that’s just me!


This year for the holiday season, Disneyland decided to go for a Frozen theme too, which is pretty cool, except I didn’t manage to see Anna and Elsa. I did spot Olaf meringue everywhere though! :) So cute!


I love Christmas at Disneyland! Everything is just more shiny and colourful, the weather is cooler and it’s the perfect combination of my favourite time of the year plus my happy place. :)


Christmas caroling on Main Street USA!


After spotting Woody, I turned and saw the Green Army Men marching past and singing their song!


I actually had a really fun day at Disneyland, it was a weekday and there were very short queues, the park wasn’t crowded at all for Hong Kong standards and the weather was just right that day. But I was really disappointed about one thing: the new “Disney Paint the Night” parade was cancelled at the last minute the evening I visited!

I was really looking forward to it because the commercials have been repeatedly playing on TV for months now and I’ve been seeing awesome snapshots of it on Instagram and since this is my last trip for a while, I was really excited to check out the new parade. Boo HK Disneyland. :(


Anyway, it was getting cold and my family and I were starving so we decided to eat at this Chinese restaurant called Plaza Inn. It was huge, decorated and expensive, exactly what you would expect at Disneyland I guess! The food was really yummy though! :)


After dinner it was drizzling and freezing but we were waiting for the fireworks show to start, so we decided to take pictures with the huge tree. It looks so sparkly and pretty all lighted up at night!


The firework show was AMAZING! I’ve visited Disneyland quite a few times now but this was my first time seeing it! I was too busy experiencing it for myself and it was raining which is why I didn’t bother snapping pictures of it. I don’t think any photo will do it justice anyway, you have to see it to experience it. :)

There were fireworks in all kinds of colours and patterns, Disney cartoon characters in various scenes, Disney music of my childhood, it was magical! Experiencing it for the first time kinda made up for the disappointment of the night parade cancellation.

I’m looking forward to my next Disneyland trip and I can’t wait till Shanghai Disneyland is launched! Shanghai is on the top of the list of places I want to visit and having a future Disneyland gives me even more reason to visit the city when I get a chance. :)


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