Alienation (Part 3): The Couple

A Couple Walking with Shadows
(Image “A Couple Walking with Shadows” by Nick Page, CC BY 2.0)

Do you know what made me notice both of you? It was the way you were both walking and looking at the things around you. It was such a contrast to the people moving around you, the delivery men pushing their carts and everyone else walking quickly to their next destination. It was as if just for the duration of your walk, both of you placed a distance between you and everyone else.

This was nothing like a scene in a movie, instead of romantic strolls through a park, both of you were walking along the streets of Sheung Wan, surrounded by some old buildings, markets and dried food stores. As the daily lives of people went on around you, you pointed out things to her and she took them in with a smile. I saw her laugh as she observed things along the way and asked you to look at them.

I wondered what the two of you noticed that seemed so interesting. I was busy running errands, thinking about the many things I had to get done but you two caught my attention as you stood out among the bustle of the city. Ignoring the people and the speed around you, you strolled slowly and exchanged smiles. I was not the only one who took notice, the construction workers on a cigarette break glanced over at the both of you, the policeman on patrol looked at the couple who were the only ones walking at his speed.

Both of you continued, oblivious to the distance between you and everyone else, at least just for a little while.

疏離 (第三篇) : 一對情侶

你知道我為什麼會留意你兩個人嗎? 是留意到你們一邊行着, 一邊看旁邊事物的態度。這跟你旁邊的人成了很大的對比, 送貨的人推着他們的推車, 其他的每一個人都急步的走向他們的目的地。就祇是你倆步行的同時, 就己經像與你身旁的人隔離了。

這並不像在電影裏的主角, 在公園裡浪漫地散步; 你們祇是行在上環的街道上, 週圍滿佈的是舊建築物, 街市和乾貨鋪。當身邊的人忙碌於他們的生活時, 你會指着些事物給她看, 而她就會報以微笑。當她沿途觀看事物時, 我看到她在笑著, 也叫你跟着她看看。

我想知道有什麼事物會令你倆個人看得這般有趣味。我正忙著為雜事跑腿, 心想著要辨好很多事, 但你們在熙來攘往的城市中, 卻很顯眼, 吸引了我的注意力。不理會你們週圍的人及速度, 你們卻一邉漫步, 一邉交換著笑容。我並不是唯一的人注意到你們; 那個正在休息抽著煙的地盤工人, 也看了你們一眼; 正在巡邏的警察也望著你們這一對情侶, 你們是唯一跟他是行著相同速度的。

你們繼續你們的慢步旅程, 不經意地與其他人做成了距離, 雖然這祇是短短的一會。


  • Reply Pheuron January 18, 2015 at 12:25 PM

    Oh wow! I love your Alienation Series, and your words. Also looking forward to visit Hong Kong one day. Have a nice day Kylene : D

    • Reply Kylene January 19, 2015 at 7:02 PM

      Hi Pheuron! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. :)

      That sounds great, I feel that Hong Kong is an interesting place to visit, as it’s a city made up of a mix of so many things. Have a good week ahead too. :)

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