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Last month when I was in Singapore, I discovered a charming little shop called My Jotter Book. The store sells vintage fashion and accessories and I like it so much I had to share! This shop is perfect if you’re a fan of vintage clothing, quirky accessories and book clutches!


Speaking of book clutches, I have been pretty much obsessed with them since they were first released. It’s just the perfect combination of some of my greatest loves in life: books, bags and fashion. So since the Olympia Le-Tan clutches and the ones Kate Spade did far exceeded my budget, the only thing I could do was admire various clutches through my computer screen… until now! :D


I wasn’t intending on buying anything really, I just wanted to drop by to take a look at the p.s. Besitos handmade book clutches that My Jotter Book stocks because I’m a long-time fan of p.s. Besitos! The book clutches are even prettier when I see it up close, it’s soft and it looks like an actual book! I was really hoping to see the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ edition but it was sold out. Maybe next time. :) By the way, if you’re interested, each p.s. Besitos book clutch cost S$99.90.



Believe me, I really really wanted one but a hundred dollars was still way out of my budget and I couldn’t really justify spending a hundred on a book clutch. That was when the owner of the shop, Ms. L, pointed me to these!


I couldn’t make up my mind between the Man on the Moon clutch (the purple one on the left) and the Hansel and Gretel one but I finally decided on Hansel and Gretel and then took eons debating on which size I should get it in. I was going to buy the smaller version because of its cheaper price (S$49.90 for the small, S$69.90 for the large) but eventually went for the larger size because I figured I won’t be able to fit much into the smaller version.

I can’t remember about the smaller version but mine comes with a thin attached gold strap (so you can use it like a regular bag) and a wrist strap. Honestly, yes, I do feel that S$69.90 is still a lot to be paying for a clutch but I’m considering this a one-time splurge on something I’ve been trying to find for years!


Sitting pretty among some of my books! :)

Now that I’ve finished gushing over my book clutch, here are a few snapshots I took of the shop! I would definitely recommend visiting the store as there are so many more products in store compared to what is listed on their website. I had a lot of fun browsing through the store’s selection and my favourite things apart from the book clutches were the various cute and quirky bags!

If you live outside of Singapore though, Ms. L told me she ships internationally, so maybe you could email her if you see something you like!


One little thing about payment! For city girls in Singapore, My Jotter Book only accepts payment by NETS. I don’t have a NETS card and since I was on holiday in Singapore, Ms. L made an exception and accepted a cash payment from me. Just a heads-up if you intend to make purchases in store. :)


I love this jotter book cushion! It reminds me of the jotter books I used in primary school – with a blank white page on one side and a lined page on the other. My teacher would tell us to draw and write our future ambitions and at 7, my biggest dream was to be a singer like Mariah Carey. ;)


My Jotter Book
37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi #01-403 (directions here)

Tuesday – Friday: 12 noon – 5pm
Weekends: 11am – 6pm
Closed on Monday and public holidays.

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