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A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of the softest cake I’ve ever eaten at baby Mon cher Cafe on Instagram and I’m so excited to share all about the cafe here today! The cafe is located inside SOGO at Causeway Bay and to be honest, I usually avoid SOGO because it’s always insanely crowded.

This time though, I’m so glad I braved the weekend crowds because who knew there was a princessy and pink girly cafe in the basement? The reason why I looked up SOGO recently was because we had some SOGO cash vouchers at home and so I went browsing through SOGO’s website to check out what I could spend them on! :)


So I’ll start by saying that the cafe, which is from Japan, is worth a visit for the pretty decor and the fluffy cakes. The drinks I tried were fine but nothing particularly great and can be skipped if you don’t want a drink.

If you’re only interested in buying some cakes to go, there is also a takeaway only booth one floor down. (Location details at the end of the post.)


baby Mon cher Café is quite small, with only 18 seats total, but the prettiness kind of makes up for it. It’s very bright and very pink and I love the little bows they attach to everything! I was a little disappointed to see that the mugs were chipped though.


The cafe has this system where no one is allowed to enter the cafe until you make an order at the front counter. After you find a seat, the counter staff yells your order number when your food is ready and you pick up your tray from the side counter.

Speaking of food, you have to try the cakes! They were my favourite things in the whole cafe! They are very pretty, extremely soft and fluffy (softest cakes I’ve ever had) and not too sweet. I’m also really loving the Hello Kitty and My Melody cakes because they are completely adorable. :) (Note: baby Mon Cher’s Facebook page states that the Sanrio cakes are a “limited collaboration”.)


This ‘Mousse au My Melody’ cake costs HK$48 and my small size hot latte was HK$31, but there is a HK$8 discount if you order a drink and cake set. I loved my My Melody mousse cake! My Melody’s face is a layer of strawberry mousse and the bottom is a fluffy cake with cream. I would have taken more photos but I was too busy eating this. ;)


This is the ‘Tear’ cake which also costs HK$48 and the cup on the right is a small size chocolate red tea that costs HK$28. The ‘Tear’ cake is not as cutesy but just as yummy and soft! Like I mentioned earlier, the two drinks we tried were just average. For example, the chocolate red tea had a slight chocolate scent but not much of a chocolate taste and just tasted like regular tea.


Overall, I think girly girls will love this café but even if you’re not one, the cakes are so yummy and worth recommending! I’m also eyeing that parfait on the menu so maybe I’ll try that next time. :)


Finally, here is a photo of the takeaway only counter of baby Mon cher at B2/F.


Patisserie Mon cher Café
Shop 6, B1, SOGO, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay MTR station – Exits D1, D2, D3, D4)

Patisserie Mon cher (takeaway only) 
Shop 29, B2, SOGO, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay MTR station – Exits D1, D2, D3, D4)

Daily: 10am – 10pm


baby Mon cher
Shop 38, B2, Langham Place, Mong Kok
(Mong Kok MTR station – Exit C3)

Daily: 11am – 11pm

baby Mon cher
Shop B14B, B1, Site 5 & 6, Whampoa Aeonstyle
(Whampoa MTR station)

Daily: 10am – 10:30pm

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