Alienation (Part 2): The Auntie

Lady Dog
(Image “Lady Dog” by Pixel Fantasy, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

When you and your adorable dog happen to be sitting on the pavement and I see you when I leave campus, the way your dog looks up at me is sometimes the only thing that can put a smile on my face after a long day.

You are always there in the evenings or at night, just sitting there with your dog beside you. Your spot is near the university and every time a crowd of students leave campus and walk by, their attention goes to your pet. You do not object when people come up to you and pet your dog, but you do not talk to them either.

Sometimes I want to walk up and pet your dog and say hello but you give me the impression that you prefer your solitude and just want to sit for a while with your quiet dog for company.

It makes me curious to know how that feels like.

疏離 (第二篇): 阿姨

經過了一整天, 每當我走出校園, 剛考看見你和你那隻可愛的狗也坐在路旁; 而你的狗舉著頭望我的神態, 是唯一能令我面上露出笑容的方法。

在黄昏, 或者在晚上, 你常常在那裡坐着, 你的狗總是陪伴在你身邊。你坐的地點靠近大學, 每當一群學生離開校園, 行過你的身邊, 他們的注意力總會放在你的寵物裡。每當有人走近你, 輕撫你的狗時, 你雖然不反對, 但是你也不會跟他們說話。

有時候我很想走上前, 輕拍你的狗, 跟你打個招呼, 但你給我的感覺是, 你寧願選擇獨處, 祇想坐一會, 與你安靜的狗作伴。

這令我好奇地想知道, 這種感覺會是怎麼樣的呢?

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