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I decided to start my first post on this new blog with something that I’ve been so excited about these few years: the cafe scene in Singapore! I could only follow along via social media and blogs while my friends in Singapore went “cafe hopping” because I live in Hong Kong and couldn’t join in myself.

I have always loved the idea of cafes, especially after being charmed by the endless amount of them in Seoul when I was there two years ago. So during my short trip back to Singapore recently, I decided I had to visit some! And I did – I popped by three cafes and a cat cafe!

Brew Maison was my favourite of them all! ♥ I actually found it on Google and the minute I saw photos of the cafe, I knew I had to visit.

*Update: This post has been updated in July 2015, after several more visits (yes I love this cafe!) in June 2015. Please scroll down below for more pictures and info on food and cakes I tried!

我決定在我的BLOG裡, 第一樣就寫我這幾年間, 我最有興緻去的地方: 新加坡的新興咖啡店!現在我身在香港, 我祇可以從網上或社交媒體看到, 但我的新加坡朋友卻可以去完一間咖啡店,又另一間, 如果我能夠跟他們一起去就好了。

一直以來, 我都很喜歡咖啡店這個概念, 早兩年前在首爾的街頭上,我更被那無數美麗的咖啡店迷倒了。所以最近當我回到新加坡的時候, 雖然祇是一個短短的旅程, 我決定一定要去那些咖啡店坐坐, 結果是,我去了三間咖啡店和一間貓貓咖啡店!

比較起來, 我最喜歡的一間是Brew Maison, 我是從Google裡找到它的, 當我看見它的圖片的那一秒開始, 我就知道我是一定會去探訪它的。


I call this my favourite because it was brightly lit, spacious, pastel and girly. Think white comfy seats, flowers on each table and cute decor. To me, that’s a perfect cafe. Oh and they have wifi too, which is always a plus point for me. ;)

我說Brew Maison是我最喜歡的, 是因為它夠光, 寬躺, 很粉彩色, 又女孩子氣。想像著白色舒服的座椅, 每張枱都擺放花, 還有可愛的佈置, 對我來說, 這是一間完美的咖啡店。噢! 它還有免費WiFi呢, 這永遠是個加分點。:)


It’s a relatively new cafe which opened earlier in the year and is described as a Japanese-Korean inspired cafe, which I’m guessing refers to their menu items which serves Japanese and Korean style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

這是間較新的啡咖店, 年初才開店, 被形容為一間日韓意念式的咖啡店, 我想是因為它的菜譜早午晚都提供日本及韓國菜吧。


I was there on a quiet weekday afternoon with a friend for some catching up so I didn’t try their main menu items but went for coffee and cake instead. Brew Maison is known for their adorable latte art but when I visited, the cartoon latte artist wasn’t around so I settled for a standard looking (but still good) latte.

我約了一個朋友在那裡聚聚舊, 那是個寧靜的週日下午, 所以沒有試用它的菜譜內的主菜, 衹是嘗嘗店內的咖啡及西餅。Brew Maison出名的是它的latte art(拿鐵泡沫藝術),可惜在我到訪的時候, 剛巧那位卡通latte藝師不在, 我祗能享用一般(仍是很好的)圖案的latte。

This is my latte (S$4) and carrot cake (S$6) which I paid S$8 for because of a teatime promotion. The green cup is my friend’s sweet potato latte (S$4) which I think is great for non coffee drinkers but I’m a coffee and tea fan!

我的latte是4新元, 胡蘿卜糕是6新元, 但因為是下午茶特價時間, 我祇需要付8新元。綠色的那杯是我朋友的甜薯latte, 售4星元, 對不喝咖啡的朋友來說, 是個很好的選擇。但我呢? 我卻是個咖啡或茶的常客。


I thought the price was quite affordable and since it’s a self-service cafe, there are no extra charges (referring to 10% service charge). I had a great time there catching up with my friend but I would also love to revisit with a book and settle into their couches for some reading time next time I’m back in Singapore. :)

我覺得價錢很合理, 因為咖啡店是自助式的, 所以沒有額外收費(沒有10%服務費)。我和我的舊朋友, 在那裡分享了一個很好的下午我想下一次我再來新加坡的時候, 一定會帶本書, 重來此地, 坐在它的大沙發上, 好好的看看書。


*Post Updated – July 2015* I was in Singapore in June 2015 and popped by Brew Maison quite a few times! I love the cosy ambience and the cakes, plus they also play music from my new favourite Singapore radio station Kiss92. Pretty awesome!

During one weekend lunch visit, Brew Maison’s latte artist was around, so even though I mentioned above that my friend and I missed out on the latte art previously, I’m glad I got a chance this time to enjoy an adorable cup of latte! Check it out!

IMG_1674 (1)

Isn’t it lovely? :) It looks like two swans with crowns to me! I love it because it reminds me of the cartoon The Swan Princess which was one of my favourite cartoons growing up! Brew Maison, your latte artist is probably really busy but can you have him/her there everyday? Hahaha! (Note: The drink on the left is a cappuccino. Both drinks cost S$4.) In addition to the latte art, I also tried Brew Maison’s savoury menu items this time round, as well as more cakes because why not, I was on vacation! ;) IMG_1667 (1) Do excuse the picture, I realise it’s not very clear but this is the only one I have. This is the “Waffle Tower” in the Tori (chicken) version (S$9.50). It’s a savoury waffle dish with veggies, chicken patty, egg and served with a cheese sauce! It’s good but it’s very light, so I think this is best for brunch/lunch. IMG_1668 (1)This is the “Dekku Toast” in the Sakana (fish) version (S$7.80). It’s similar to the “Waffle Tower” but with scrambled eggs instead, and layered on top of toast instead of waffles.

Moving on to dessert! Brew Maison has a daily teatime promotion from 2pm to 6pm which includes a slice of cake and tea at S$7.50 or with coffee at S$8.50. This was probably one of the reasons why I was hanging out there on quite a few afternoons…

IMG_1686 (1)Left: Raspberry Earl Grey cake – Right: Carrot cake IMG_1677 (1)Red Velvet cake

IMG_1687 (1)Blueberry muffin (S$3.50) + Earl Grey tea (S$3) IMG_1698Mocha Cheesecake

IMG_1704 (1)Left: Mocha Espresso cake – Right: Red Velvet cake IMG_1751 (1)Peanut Butter & Banana Choco cake

I’m not even going to try recommending which cakes to try because I can’t decide! ;)

IMG_1670 (1)

Brew Maison is truly one of my favourite places in Singapore, so I’m glad I got to hang out here a bit more during this trip. Till next time!

Brew Maison
383 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-9B, Alocassia Apartments

Daily: 9am – 9pm

Brew Maison 2
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-226A/B, Marina Square

Daily: 10am – 9pm

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